3D printed ear protectors
  • 3D printed ear protectors

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    This strap is approved for use by the US National Institute of Health. It makes the mask more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time. This version works with all masks that are made to wrap around your ears.

    These are printed in biodegradable PLA Plastic, due to the nature of 3d Printing there may be slight imperfections but does not affect the functionality.

    Please do not leave in a hot car as they could bend and warp due to the heat as they are fairly thin to be able to flex and curve to the back of the head.


      These are 3D printed ear saver face mask adapters. These will help relieve keep the mask straps off your ears to help avoid getting soars. They also help smaller or larger makes fit better. I have been able to get these to at least a couple hundred nurses in my local area, so now I am trying to get these to other people that need ear relief! I've been laid off, so this gives me something positive to do during these crazy times. Quantity can be changed in cart depending on how many you need. Colors may be slightly different (but still similar) due to lighting and also filament availability.

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